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The New Year is always reincarnation, from the initial expectation to the present, it is not the environment, it is the human heart... Although everything has not changed, but in the midst of it feels an inexplicable loneliness and desolate, what is success, what kind of Also known as failure... those young and imaginative imaginations, swaying in the years... reflected in the sparkling shadows of the water... Fragmented pieces of the ripples of the ripples of the past, the days of the past, the friendship is like the unsettled quicksand... If you can't hold it, let him drift in the wind... Fall into the blue ocean... I will sleep in the depths of the sea forever, and I can't see the waves on the shore anymore... The world's is not so beautiful, not so much. A solid commitment, time is a powerful arm, with the power to destroy everything... Our dreams and expectations are crushed and weathered away from the annual ring is a destined ending... This world is a stage, everyone is performing in an orderly manner The role of oneself... The story of mankind is not finished, only the story of some people is smashed... The character has withdrawn from the stage, then my life Is it true that some people��s dramas should be killed? Recalling the past, we stumbled along the way, once dreams, once simple appearance, after the drunk, is it still so clear and sentimental sunshine tells me that life should be full of positive energy, Be a strong and happy girl Newport 100S, to face the changes of the world, life vicissitudes... If some promises are as thin as a flap, so that the mind is strong and late at night, when everything is quiet, when the silence can only hear life in a rhythmic breath With earphones, listening to the soft music with the thoughts in this endless darkness, perhaps I don��t have any thoughts at the moment, maybe at the moment my thoughts can��t be sorted out, I just feel that I am relaxed at this moment, no daytime. Noisy and tired. Now me, or now my thoughts are like a strolling child, quiet, gentle, no destination, no concept of time, just strolling in this endless field... I tried to close my eyes To recall the goodness of the past, but for a long time, I couldn��t find a clear story. The things and people who thought that they were unforgettable for a lifetime, now recall that each chapter is no longer so clear, only to find that we have gone far and gone too far... I can't smell the fragrance of the scorpion flower... Maybe the scorpion flower still has a faint scent in the bottom of my heart Cigarettes For Sale, but after a flowering period, I can no longer remember the scent of a flower bud. When I said that the dandelion that gathered and did not scatter, I couldn��t resist the ruthless blow of the autumn wind, and now the seeds of the world! Can you still distribute the original fragrance when you bloom again? There aren't too many changes in the night Marlboro Cigarettes, too many too many things can be included, and the expressions that are invisible and invisible are all blurred in the dark night with the face of the wet two years, the old, the past, the memory... Let the silent night, the soft melodies take everything away, leaving the fragrance of the faint gardenia
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