I have experienced a

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I have experienced a lot of things today, and I can��t calm down at the moment. I still like to write something when I can��t support it for a long time, but I don��t want to say it so thoroughly. The wind outside the window is very big, the leaves are desperately catching the branches, and no one knows the fate of the next second. The green of the tree is swayingrding to: Ark's essay collection "The Hometown's Thorn Rose" has been published by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. "The Hometown's Thorn Rose" brings together the Ark's recent work of 89 articles, 300,000 words, divided into four parts: "the pain of the heart forever", "the memory of the inscription", the "clock of love", and the "sunlight of life". . The book expresses deep and strong nostalgia, friendship and love with beautiful writing, full of philosophical thinking about life. This is a preface to the book written by Zhao Junxian, a professor at Northwestern University and an expert on modern Chinese literature history. My university classmate Hu Yunlin (Ark) called from Baoji City and said, "I want to publish a collection of essays, please write. Preface." I immediately said in truth: "Old classmates, I wrote prefaces to other people in the strong wind. This strange and familiar city makes people feel intimate and Fear Newport 100S, even if the spring pays more, it is autumn. How can the little sparrow leave the winter without leaving some food? Animals know to reserve food for themselves, why don't I understand? The branches are shaking and she feels that she is going to be unable to support. Is she sobbing? Is it strange that the wind is too ruthless to blame yourself? Maybe there is it. Yesterday is summer, today is autumn, and it will turn upside down overnight Online Cigarettes. In fact, people are not reliable than the weather. Maybe you are his straw in the last second. You are the grass that he can��t get in the next second. Do people want to be a useful person without abandoning you? The coldness and use of all this is really no feelings or what is in the world? I don't know... I only feel that I am as cold as the leaves in the autumn wind. I can't catch my support Carton Of Cigarettes. I just want to be alone. I don't want to hear those laughter and laughter. It only makes me feel more lonely, but there is no one in this world. It belongs to my corner, I have to listen. The wind outside the window stopped. This short and strong wind is trying to tell the leaves that your life is over and you are not going to struggle again? Still want to tell her what the fear of this wind can withstand? I don't know if this piece of green can wait for the yellow, there is a perfect ending, but I know that I can't be cold because of this gust of wind. All this is just telling me that the girl is going the wrong way, try another direction. ! The bigger the wind, the more I can know where to go, maybe it��s cold, maybe it��s lonely, but I will go on, I have to go down, the seasons will always rotate, and I will not experience the fall of the fall.
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I have experienced a
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