Replica Ulysse Nardin 3203-136LE-2 / MANARA.06 Classico Enamel Manara knock off watches

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Replica Ulysse Nardin 3203-136LE-2 / MANARA.06 Classico Enamel Manara knock off watches

Ulysse Nardin 3203-136LE-2 / MANARA.06 Classico Enamel Ulysse Nardin's model number is usually three sections, each representing a different meaning. The first section represents the movement and case, the second section represents the appearance of the watch, and the third section represents the type of dial and strap. Take 223-88-7/62 as an example, 22 means the UN22 movement is used in this table, 3 means the case material, 88 means the case shape, 7 means the band type, and 62 means the dial type. Ulysse Nardin table (Ulysse Nardin) founded in 1846, has been through 160 years, as the world's top watch, Ulysse Nardin in its long - term background, exquisite watchmaking technology and innovation ability, has become its pronoun. Ulysse Nardin started with the navigation clock, its production of the navigation clock is the most reliable navigation equipment, become the world's 50 countries navy necessary equipment, Ulysse Nardin with enamel, figure three ask, fantasy tourbillon and incomparable astronomy trilogy, so it ranks among the world's top watch.

Ulysse Nardin was born on January 22, 1823 in Le Locle, Switzerland. Early on, his father, Leonard Frederic, taught him the art of watchmaking, and later studied under the contemporary watchmaker William Dubois. Founded the Ulysse Nardin company in 1846. Inchoate have an ark only, its precise horological with founder name, show special high grade craft technology, already had the history of more than 156 years up to now.best replica watches

In 1862, the Ulysse Nardin watch won the most prestigious honor award in the precision chronometer and bagged observatory chronometer category at the London international exposition, making Ulysse Nardin the leader in the international bagged observatory chronometer field. In 1878, its pocket observatory watch and Marine chronometer won the gold medal at the global exposition in Paris. In 1893, a gold and silver embossed observatory watch was exhibited at the Chicago world's fair. It was a rare crystallization of art and science. The time observatory at Ulysse Nardin won the first of seven tests at the naval observatory in Washington, d.c. In 1915, Ulysse Nardin won the first of 60 observatory watches tested at the Washington naval observatory.

In 1923, in order to commemorate the centenary of the death of master breguet, the international observatory chronograph competition was held by the natalatel observatory.

mens luxury watches Ulysse Nardin won the only grand prize. In 1935, a new 24 hour double second hand high precision pocket chronograph was introduced, which can calculate exactly to one tenth of a second. It is suitable for sports timing, and won many awards and gold MEDALS. It is the best proof of its innovative and outstanding achievements. The last official report on the quality of the observatory's chronometer was published in 1975. According to the report, Ulysse Nardin received 4,324 certificates, or 95 percent of the 4,504 mechanical chronometers issued during this period. Won 2411 awards, including 1069 champion awards, including four series of observatory chronology awards; Won 747 gold MEDALS in the categories of precision chronometer, pocket watch and wrist watch; A total of 1816 grand prizes were awarded in four categories at the observatory. In 1985, the Galileo astrolabe wristwatch named after the great physicist and anthropologist Galileo was launched. Ulysse Nardin light again, the watch was included in the Kim world record in February 1988; The Copernicus operand wristwatch was introduced in 1988 in memory of the polish astronomer. The first three-time timepiece with action figures, San Marco, limited edition, available in gold and platinum options, and double second hand segmented stopwatch Berlin, was introduced in 1989. The Kepler astronomical wristwatch was launched in 1992 in honor of the German astronomer and completed the three steps of chronology wristwatch series.

In 1994, the GMT± wristwatch designed for tourists was first introduced in the Basel watch exhibition. In 1996, the 1846 nautical observatory wristwatch was launched to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Ulysse Nardin watches Ulysse Nardin factory.

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