Application and Technical Strength of Quick Freezing Equipment

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GUANFENG is specialized in manufacturing Quick Freezing Euipment and Pre Processing Equipment . Base on experienced research and development engineers team and professional production team in the food processing industry, in addition to provide high quality equipment, we also provide the overall food processing solution.

Application of Quick Freezing Euipment

The conveying belt of the GSD model net belt type tunnel Quick Freezing Equipment adopts stainless steel wire mesh belt. According to different varieties, the products to be frozen can be put in the tray or directly on the conveying belt, and be rqpidly frozen by the wind blowing from the top to the bottom or by the side wind. The quick-freezing machine of the model has the widest processing range. It is suitable for various pepared foods ( such as bun, dumpling, fish ball and etc.), aquatic products and especially varieties unsuitable for fluidized freezing. The optional range for freezing time is within 12~100min.

Technical Strength of Quick Freezing Euipment

The combination design of multidirectional air flow ensures high quality individual quick freezing products. The conveying belt and fan adopt frequency conversion speed adjustable to meet the demands of processing various frozen products. The wide net belt or double plate belt is adopted to effectively reduce the outline dimensions of the equipment.

The evaporator adopts coil pipe, aluminum sheet or copper pipe aluminum sheet structure. Other parts are all made of stainless steel and food level plastics, which complies with the food hygienic standards.

The high-efficiency cleaning device is provided to clean the residues on the conveying belt. All design take the facility and easy operation for cleaning and ensure hygienic safety of foods.

Zhejiang Guanfeng Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing Pre Processing Equipment and Quick Freezing Equipment . Strength of our concepts and top quality of our products are further accepted and satisfied by our clients. We sincerely welcome customers all over the world to visit our company and set up business relationship for mutual development

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