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NEW YORK (AP) — Advertisers that spend millions of dollars on the Super Bowl are trying to avoid what the Ram truck company did with a Martin Luther King speech or what Groupon did spoofing promos for charities.Though such messages can get attention Parris Campbell Jersey , it’s the wrong kind of attention. Groupon got buzz all right, but most of it was negative.Here’s a look at five Super Bowl ads that flopped, despite months of planning and great expense.2018: RAM PROMOTES VOLUNTEERISMLast year, a Ram truck ad showed people doing service-oriented tasks set against audio of King urging people to be “great” by serving the greater good. The ad was supposed to highlight the volunteer program Ram Nation.Instead, viewers and ad experts criticized it for forging too tenuous a connection with the civil rights hero. On Twitter, many people felt that the use of King’s speech was merely exploiting emotions to sell trucks.Fiat Chrysler, which owns Ram, said it worked closely with the King estate on the ad. It has stayed mum on whether it’s advertising during this year’s game.2013: VOLKSWAGEN’S “GET HAPPY”Volkswagen’s ad for Passat depicts a white American so happy with a Passat that he starts speaking in a Jamaican accent, much to the consternation of his co-workers. The company said it was trying to stress the optimistic nature of VW users and chose the Jamaican ad for showcasing that message in a funny, easy-to-understand manner.Volkswagen released the ad ahead of the Super Bowl, only to run into criticism. Some people said it bordered on racism because it portrayed the Jamaican accent as a caricature.The furor was eventually quelled, however, by Jamaicans themselves, and the ad did run during the Super Bowl.2013: GODADDY “PERFECT MATCH”Web hosting service GoDaddy has made a name for itself during the Super Bowl with crass commercials starting in 2005, but its 2013 ad outdid itself in the taste department.The ad showed supermodel Bar Rafaeli making out with a bespectacled nerdy man in a very tight, extended close-up. While the ad succeeded in grabbing attention, some dubbed it “gross.”The company — and Super Bowl advertisers in general — toned down ads after that. For the past several years, GoDaddy hasn’t advertised during the Super Bowl at all.2011: GROUPON’S PSEUDO PSAsDeal site Groupon wanted to make a humorous debut as a Super Bowl advertiser but ended up striking the wrong tone .Groupon ran three ads that made fun of public service announcements. In one, Timothy Hutton says “the people in Tibet are in trouble http://www.ravenscheapstores.com/miles-boykin-jersey-cheap , their culture is in jeopardy,” as pictures of Tibet are shown on the screen. The punchline? It turns out he was talking about a fish curry deal Groupon was offering. Other ads poked fun at charities for saving the whales and the Brazilian rain forest.Groupon was actually trying to raise money for the charities the ads were spoofing, but the ads didn’t make that clear.The ads sparked widespread negative reaction on Twitter and Facebook. According to research firm Alterian, which produced a “Buzz Bowl” score of online activity, Groupon was among the five most-discussed advertisers online. But the buzz was twice as negative as it was positive.Groupon returned to the Super Bowl last year with an ad starring Tiffany Haddish but is sitting out this year.1999: JUST FOR FEETAn ad from Just For Feet, a now-defunct sportswear retailer, featured mostly white commandos in a Humvee chasing a barefoot African man in a desert. They drug him and force him to wear sneakers, which he tries to shake off.The ad was labeled racist. Just For Feet later sued the agency that created the spot, Saatchi & Saatchi. Later that year, the company filed for bankruptcy and faced accounting fraud changes, unrelated to the ad. It was bought by another company and closed for good in 2004. NEW YORK (AP) — Improvements that an NFL and NFLPA study found in helmets didn’t help Tom Brady.The six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback will have to discard his longtime brand as one of 11 helmets banned by the league and players’ union for 2019.Brady was one of 32 players wearing helmets last season under a grace period that is now eliminated.“If they were, at the end of the 2017 season, using prohibited helmeted, they could be grandfathered for 2018,” said Dr. Kristy Arbogast, the union’s appointed consultant to the testing.“At end of 2018, we had those relatively few players, 32, who were wearing a red category model. It is now prohibited. Conversations are being held with those players. We tried to identify for every helmet in the red category a similar helmet http://www.coltscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-bobby-okereke-jersey Jersey , often from the same manufacturer, that had similar look and feel and is not prohibited.”In its annual study, designed by NFL- and NFLPA-appointed biomechanical engineers, a subset of concussion-causing impacts sustained by NFL players during games is simulated to determine which helmets best reduced head impact severity. The study measures rotational velocity and acceleration to evaluate helmets.A poster both sides released Friday will be displayed at every team facility. It shows six of 11 helmets tested this year moved into the top-10 rated models.VICIS Zero1 graded best for the third straight year. Of the 34 overall helmets on the poster, it was followed by the Schutt F7 LTD and the Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond.Also in the “green area” of strongly approved helmets was the brand new Xenith Shadow. In all, those four manufacturers had all 27 models at the top of the poster.The yellow section, in which helmets perform worse than the green group, had seven models.“The thing that’s really notable,” Arbogast said, “is how receptive the players were to that info; 50% moved up the poster. They are eager to have the information that helps them make informed decisions about their equipment choice.”Arbogast commended manufacturers for “innovating and introducing new helmets; the fact all new ones performed well is very encouraging.”The poster includes gray areas within the green and yellow sectors. That indicates that less than 1% of NFL players are wearing that model, providing players with additional information. But Arbogast stresses that “doesn’t mean they aren’t safe or viable options.”The 11 models in the red area, including Brady’s, are banned.VICIS doubled the number of NFL players using Zero1 from 2017 to ’18, with 135 players wearing it last season. Among them are league MVP Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman, Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, Dee Ford and Golden Tate.“My experience wearing the Zero1 has been exceptional,” Wilson said. “The custom fit and wide field of vision have allowed me to perform at my best.”VICIS has tweaked the helmet Noah Fant Jersey , reducing weight and cost while keeping the fundamental design.“The helmet’s deformable shell and unique … layer have been shown to reduce impact forces more effectively than other helmets,” said Dave Marver, the company’s CEO.“The NFL/NFLPA test ranks helmets using a sophisticated formula that considers several different impact velocities and locations, and the measurement of both linear and rotational forces. The Zero1 is top-ranked when taking all of those measurements into account, meaning it provides the best protection across the full range of impacts and situations players encounter in NFL play.”It has since the 2017 survey.One potential concern in the study is that manufacturers could design helmets to rate highly, but they might not necessarily be the best performers on the field.Dr. Grant Goulet, vice president of product innovation at Xenith — which had five models in the green category — noted that “these independent tests, whether by the NFL and NFLPAor by Virginia Tech … are incredibly important and providing value in this space.”“We are very supportive and encouraged by the work the NFL and NFLPA are putting into this test, it’s scientifically rigorous,” Goulet added. “However, it could also be something of a cautionary tale that more helmets moved into that green group. I think there could be a propensity to be engineering helmets for these tests and metrics and that’s what is bumping them up into this green group.“What is important to emphasize is more of a holistic approach to designing the best gear for the athlete on the field.”That, naturally, is what the entire process is about.“The importance is this is a statistical analysis of on-field performances,” said Dr. Jeffrey Crandall, the league’s consultant to the independent testing. “What we see is statistically is double-digit concussion risk deduction as we go from yellow to green and from red to yellow. That has a significant impact on the risk of concussion.”

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