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Vixea Manplus different times in life. Indeed, during embryogenesis, it allows sexual differentiation. Then, at puberty, allows increased red blood cell formation and easier regeneration in case of injury or illness. It is also a hormone that helps to lose fat more easily by increasing the basic metabolism. may be in free form (2 3% or protein bound. These different forms differentially condition the action of Strength Muscles. Dosage of A blood test may be performed: In men, in order to understand a dysfunction of the sexual glands In women, as part of a diagnostic procedure linked to hirsutism (excessive hair in areas that are not Manplus Vixea usually hairy. Good to know : the dosage is most often performed in the morning on an empty stomach. Pathological variations of If levels vary physiologically with advancing age, it can also be a good reflection of an individual's state of health and allow to highlight different pathologies. An .


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