Since then, exchanges between the two countries have resumed in all fields and have bro

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BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- The State Council has issued two documents on procedural rules for government agencies making regulations and by-laws.

The amendments require implementation of Party guidelines, policies and decisions.

According to the documents, administrative regulations regarding political issues must go through the CPC Central Committee. Important issues should be reported to the committee during the formulation of major regulations in the economic, social or environmental sectors.

By-laws related to political issues should also be reported to the committee or an appropriate Party organization. The State Council should report its annual regulatory plan to the committee.

The amendments stress that procedure should be carried out in a sound, democratic and law-based manner.

The amendments include stipulations on discussion before any legislative project, entrusting a third party to draft documents, and consultation that may affect important interests. A system to allow the public to give opinions on draft regulations and by-laws must be established.

According to the Legislation Law, the State Council is entitled to make administrative regulations while ministerial-level agencies and local governments at provincial-level can make bylaws within their respective jurisdictions.

The amendments will take effect from May.

SAO TOME, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi here on Tuesday called on African countries not to miss China-Africa cooperation opportunities.

At a press conference in Sao Tome and Principe, Wang said he hoped Sino-African cooperation will not omit any African country.

Wang was in Sao Tome and Principe Tuesday in the last leg of his new year African trip. Sao Tome and Principe resumed its diplomatic relations with China about a year ago after cutting "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan.

While emphasizing there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an integral part of the Chinese territory, Wang hailed Sao Tome and Principe's right decision to restore diplomatic relations with China.

Since then, exchanges between the two countries have resumed in all fields and have brought tangible benefits to Sao Tome and Principe, the foreign minister said.

Wang said China is now speeding up its comprehensive cooperation with Africa under the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and the Belt and Road Initiative, and supports Africa's pursuit of independent development.

However, some African countries' "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan have prevented them from having normal relations with China and from joining Sino-African cooperation, he said.

Wang said he hoped no African country will miss the historic opportunities brought by a fast-developing China.

Wang said he believed that all African brothers and sisters will "stand with the Chinese people in China's cause of reunification."

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