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The Colts got off to an incredible start in this play-in game against the Tennessee Titans. On the road in a game that will either send them to the postseason or send them packing Indianapolis Colts Jabaal Sheard Jersey , this team showed up on both sides of the ball. They won the toss and deferred to the second half.After a trick play on the opening kickoff put the Titans on the Colts side of the field, the defense clamped down and forced a punt. They pinned the Colts on the eight-yard line and Andrew Luck set to work. He proceeded to drive 92 yards on 12 plays and capped it off with a touchdown to Dontrelle Inman after escaping pressure to buy more time. The offense looked great on the opening drive, getting solid pass and run blocking and getting receivers open downfield easily. The Titans got the ball back and another great series from the Colts defense ended their second drive with a very near pick by Malik Hooker on a risky deep ball from Blaine Gabbert. The Colts defense came out with a lot more fire in this game than they have in the last couple weeks and Darius Leonard made his presence known early. It seems that this week Eberflus has the defense primed because to a man they look like they came to play.Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty ImagesWith the ball back in Andrew Luck’s hands, the offense again began methodically working back down the field, largely on the back of Marlon Mack. A big 3rd down conversion by Ebron kept the drive going, but a short run by Mack stalled the drive out just across the 50-yard line. Frank Reich showed his aggressive tendencies by going for it on 4th and 2, hitting Nyheim Hines for a short gain and picking up the 4th down conversion. That aggressiveness proved worthwhile as the Colts continued their brutal march downfield, manhandling the Titans defense on their way into the red zone. They ended their 16-play 90-yard drive with a pass to Eric Ebron for another touchdown, this one at the expense of Kevin Byard, scoring the first touchdown by a tight end against the Titans’ defense all season. That makes 14 touchdowns for him on the season and put the Colts ahead 14-0 midway through the 2nd quarter. The Colts defense really have done well swarming to the ball and limited pass catchers, and despite Derrick Henry’s effectiveness, it is tough to mount a comeback by running the ball. Gabbert has proven incapable of hitting his receivers on 3rd downs where they are in obvious passing situations, and the Colts defense continues to put them in those situations. The Titans again found themselves punting the ball back to Andrew Luck after their 3rd drive. Through those 3 drives, the Titans gained just 2 first downs and 36 total yards. Fortunately for the Titans Womens Jabaal Sheard 2019 Jersey , the Colts domination wouldn’t continue so smoothly. With a little pressure on the first play of the Colts next drive, Luck threw a truly awful pick six, gifting 7 points to the Titans defense and allowing them back into the game and giving a jolt of momentum to a Titans team that was reeling. There are some Andrew Luck picks that have been the fault of a receiver or a really great defensive play, but this was not one of those. This was just Andrew making a really bad decision with the football. Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsThat pick knocked the offense off its rhythm and resulted in quick a punt on the ensuing offensive series, but as bad as Luck’s mistake was, Adoree Jackson made a worse one. He attempted to pick up a bounced ball on the punt and muffed it. The muffed punt was recovered by Chris Milton on the Titans’ 9-yard line. Compounding the ridiculous run of errors, Marlon Mack fumbled the ball away and gave it back to the Titans. Thankfully, the Colts defense continued a solid string of play and locked down the Titans’ offense with a great play by Kenny Moore to lay out for a pass breakup. With just over 2 minutes to go in the first half, Andrew Luck and the offense got the ball back. Despite being largely used as a decoy and showing signs of pretty significant pain, T.Y. Hilton broke a huge 32-yard screen pass and got the Colts moving and into Titans territory as the Colts began working back into their rhythm again. Luck hasn’t looked quote like himself on this drive, making two dangerous throws that could have been picked. Fortunately, he avoided that, and the Colts settled for a 53-yard field goal from Adam Vinatieri with :39 seconds in the half. With all their timeouts, the Titans began driving to attempt to get a score before the half Cheap Jabaal Sheard Youth Jersey , and found themselves having more success moving the ball through the air. An incredibly dumb late hit by safety George Odum helped move the ball onto the Colts side of the field. Unfortunately, during that drive, rookie pass rusher Tyquan Lewis found himself on the turf and immediately grabbed at his right knee. His loss for any amount of time is a big blow to both the pass rush and the run defense for this team. George Odum very nearly redeemed himself with a pick in the end zone but it was broken up as Odum and Desir didn’t communicate well and knocked it away from each other. The result was a field goal from the Titans to end the half 17-10 with the Colts set to get the ball back to start the second half.Overall this has been a tale of two very different quarters from the Colts on offense. Since Luck’s pick six, this offense has looked out of sync and has been making costly mistakes that they cannot make down the stretch. Hopefully the half will give them a chance to breath, evaluate those mistakes, and start fresh in the second half. OverviewOn October 21, 2018 the Indianapolis Colts will host the Buffalo Bills In this week seven match-up I sought to understand our opponent and get a better idea of how they may attack our new look offense. The 2017 Bills went to the playoffs for the first time since the Clinton administration. They went 9-7 in what was their fifth winning season in the past two decades. The last time these two teams played it be came an all time favorite game for me. Both teams battled through what looked like a foot of snow to try to play football at its highest level. The Bills came out on top in a close, fun to watch game but this year the game will be played indoors so hopefully there will be a different result. Let’s figure out what we can expect in week seven. DefenseSean McDermott runs a defense that will look very similar to our Colts new look defense. A 4-3 one gapping, attacking base with zone heavy coverages on the back end. The difference between the two are the Bills blitz packages. Don’t get me wrong they don’t blitz like the Rex Ryan Bills but McDermott comes from a coaching tree where zone blitzes were prominent. Again, I’m not saying the Bills use a ton of zone blitz schemes (from what I’ve seen they don’t) but their blitz schemes do seem to be more complex than what the Colts have shown thus far. At it’s heart the Bills defense, like the Colts is less about surprising the offense and more about executing their assignments. I noticed a few things from the Bills defense will show on Sunday. This double A gap blitz. McDermott likes to show this pressure and it’s a versatile pre-snap alignment for the defense. At times one linebacker will blitz, one will drop into coverage, other times both will blitz and on occasion both will drop into coverage. It gives McDermott a lot of options while possibly disguising his intentions. On the play above, the Packers run a play with a natural rub off the line off scrimmage that could have made it very difficult for the corner to stay with his man White Tarell Basham Jersey , in this instance the corner just got beat, but it was a well designed play to beat the blitz. If this defense looks familiar, it should, the Colts lived in similar looks in the first five weeks of the season. This looks to me to be quarters (or cover 4) coverage. Quarters is a diverse coverage but it tends to allow underneath completions. I don’t know how often they’re going to sit back and just let Andrew Luck pick them apart underneath but they seemed fine to let Rogers do it from time to time. Here the Bills are in the same shell but Mariota made a really bad read. The underneath receiver was open and it was second down, he didn’t have to push the ball yet. Either way the corner made a good jump on the ball and came away with the turnover. This defensive scheme isn’t complicated. It’s not complex. It relies on speed and playing smart assignment football. It’s also most effective with an effective pass rush, something these Bills have. Defensive Line Trent Murphy, Kyle Williams, Star Lotulelei and Jerry Hughes will start up front. Beyond that we can expect to see Jordan Phillips, Shaq Lawson, Eddie Yarbrough and Harrison Phillips. Based on their snap count numbers the Bills defensive line rotates through a total of 8 players, though the starters do play the most. Trent Murphy is having a good year, Kyle Williams in what he has said will be his final year, is having another very good year at 35 years old, coming down with 3.5 sacks so far. Star Lotulelei isn’t showing up in the box score but he generally does a good job eating blocks and impacting the run game and Jerry Hughes is playing as well as he ever has. Before anyone starts complaining about the Jerry Hughes trade Tarell Basham Jersey 2019 , for the love of all things good in this world please move on. That was two general managers ago. But yes, he’s really good and he’s having a career year at 30 years old. Harrison Phillips, a rookie out of Stanford has played a limited role but is getting around 40% of the teams snaps and has played very well in his role as a run defender. Eddie Yarbrough is also playing well with two tackles for loss, playing around 37% of defensive snaps. Shaq Lawson started the season starting in Trent Murphy’s spot but suffered a hamstring injury. So far his career has been disappointing but his play earlier in the season was better than in the past, at this point he’s a very valuable player to have rotating. Jordan Phillips came to the Bills recently by way of the Dolphins. Phillips hasn’t made a large statistical impact but the early reports have been promising. He’s a big very athletic man who looks to be thriving in a one gap scheme. This is yet another very good defensive line for the Colts this season. I don’t believe it to be the best we’ve seen, but once again it will be a challenge for our young offensive line. LinebackersTremaine Edmonds was drafted 16th overall and has played every defensive snap for the Bills this season. Early reports so far are that he has struggled as a run defender but has excelled in coverage due to his amazing athleticism. In years past Lorenzo Alexander was an every down linebacker for the Bills, the 2018 version has him on the field around half of the time to defend the run where he’s playing very well in the twilight of his career. If you don’t know who Matt Milano is, it’s okay you’re in good company but Matt Milano has stepped up and looks like one of the best off-ball linebackers in the league. These Bills linebackers are very good but they are beatable. Edmunds is a 20 year old physical freak that is still learning the game. With the defensive line they have in front of them, their lives are easier and running won’t come easy on Sunday. Defensive BacksIf you have any Vontae Davis retiring at halftime jokes, I’m still not tired of them, put them in the comments. For all of the DB’s that haven’t retired mid-game this year we can expect to see TreDavious White, Phillip Gaines and Taron Johnson at cornerback. Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde will start at safety, with Hyde coming off the field situationally. TreDavious White has played well and generally taken away whoever he has covered and given the Colts wide receivers he wont have much of a challenge. The word on Phillip Gaines is that he’s a physical freak of a corner who can cover and run with anyone and he has almost no ball skills whatsoever. Before this season he was flagged often but he has only had one flag thrown all year, I would challenge him early to see if we can get him to get grabby. Taron Johnson is probably another guy you don’t know much about. Johnson is a rookie out of Weber state that the Bills selected in the 4th round. Johnson has been the best rookie on the field for the Bills this year Indianapolis Colts Drew Forbes Jersey , which is impressive considering the fact that the Bills had two top 20 picks. Micah Hyde has played well in around 70% of defensive snaps this season, playing more in run support. Jordan Poyer, is also really good. Poyer almost never leaves the field and has intercepted two passes so far this season. The Bills have a very good, but young, group of defensive backs. If the Colts offense were at full strength, I would feel fine about how they matchup against these five players. Instead I feel they’re far better than the unit the Colts will send out on Sunday. What to Expect from the Colts Offense:The Bills have solid players at all three levels of their defense. Their weakest link is probably at linebacker, but it isn’t as if the linebackers are bad. I fully expect to see a healthy dose of Eric Ebron. I also think Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines have a chance to get involved in the passing game if either of them decide to catch a ball. Otherwise, the Colts may struggle to move the ball in this one.

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