The NFL is just like any other professional sports league

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At least most of the time. With the monetary value of rookie contracts being heavily decreased in recent years Jaylon Ferguson Jersey , players truly have to earn a big payday based off of their effort and production on the field. Sometimes, it pays off for a team to throw a ton of money on a multi-year deal, and other times, the player in question just doesn't live up to expectations.Either one of these outcomes can come to fruition for a variety of reasons. Age is one of the deciding factors Quinnen Williams Jersey , as is scheme fit, and the relationship with the coaching staff. Sometimes players fall off the map for no reason at all, and sometimes they unexpectedly succeed. At the end of the day, it's really all a shot in the dark with NFL contracts. This is being exemplified right now http://www.cowboyscheapauthenticstore.com/trysten-hill-jersey-cheap , as there are many players who are underwhelming given the amount of money they're making, and others who are proving to be a steal. Let's take a look and see which players fall where.Ranked below are 8 NFL players being paid WAY to0 much, and 7 who aren't paid enough. As of this writing, the New England Patriots have two injured quarterbacks Jachai Polite Jersey , and one who’s still serving a four-game suspension. And since Jacoby Brissett injured his thumb during the Pats’ Week 3 drubbing of the Houston Texans, it was a surprise for some that wide receiver Julian Edelman, who was listed as the No. 2 quarterback for that game, didn’t end up throwing any passes.It's happened before — non-quarterbacks can be listed as emergency QBs if the occasion calls for it. And former college quarterbacks like Edelman can be shifted to another position once they make it to the pros. If an NFL coach sees that a college standout is better suited elsewhere on the field Chuma Edoga Jersey , they try these players out at new positions, and see if they can stick.Do these players succeed after the position change? A lot of times, they don’t. But in the case of Edelman and the 14 other players in this list, they sometimes become much better than they might have been had they not changed positions in the NFL.NOTE – This list only includes players who played quarterback for most of their college career Trevon Wesco Jersey , therefore disqualifying players such as Hines Ward, who was only a full-time quarterback as a sophomore.

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